Whelping Products

Nothing says, “welcome to the world!” quite like Lakeside Products whelping products. The MagnaBox gives your dog a safe, clean environment to give birth in while protecting the puppies during their early stages of life. Customize your MagnaBox with accessories and your choice of Vet Fleece or Washable Lennypad.

  • blue fleece whelping pad natural fleece whelping pad

    Vet Fleece Whelping Pad

    Whelping Box Liner sized to fit the MagnaBox Whelping Box. Available in Royal Blue and Natural (Cream). Whelping Box sits directly on the oversize pad holding it in place and discouraging digging and clumping.  Excellent soft absorbent surface to...

    $48.00 - $188.00
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  • vet fleece - blue & yellow side view vet fleece - blue & yellow side view

    Bulk Vet Fleece

    Vet Bedding (Fleece) available in bulk. Available in Royal Blue and Cream (Natural). Rolls are 60" (5 feet) wide and you purchase by the linear foot and custom cut your own pieces. Sharp blade easily cuts backing for custom sizing.  You won't find...

    $70.00 - $365.00
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  • side-by-side view vet fleece - blue & yellow top view vet fleece - blue & yellow

    Crate Pad

    Crate liner and Bedding for Crates & Kennels.  Soft, absorbent, machine washable. Excellent for seat and furniture covers. Great liner for Guinea Pig and Rabbit cages!! Available in Royal Blue and Cream (Natural). You won't find anything this...

    $37.00 - $56.00
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  • Lennyshield - Multiple sizes

    Lennyshield Odor Eliminator

    Slay the odor. Protect the pad. Lennypads specially formulated Lennyshield is the best odor eliminator spray on the market! The spray is enzyme and fragrance free. The formula is developed with Noble Ion Technology that neutralizes the negative ions...

    $16.00 - $99.00
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  • liner1 liner2

    Whelping Box Liner

    Heavy Duty Vinyl Whelping Box Liner60" x 60" (5ft x 5ft).  User can cut to fit if necessary with common scissorsWater proof barrier for under Vet Bedding.  Protects floors.  Easy to clean and sanitize.Industrial Strength Vinyl produced...

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  • MagnaBox on Blue Fleece MagnaBox Detail on Green Lennypad

    MagnaBox Whelping Box

    *Some pictures show custom optional accessories or configurations that may not be included on a standard whelping box.  This Whelping Box is simple to clean and keep clean. FDA approved, HDPE plastic (a common material for kitchen cutting boards) is...

    $300.00 - $890.00
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  • Jonart Whelping Box

    Jonart Whelping Box - With Floor

    This is a HIGH QUALITY unbelievably durable box for the serious breeder. It won’t bend, shake, lift or breakdown and is held together with carriage bolts. The framework is so sturdy you can lean on it and even sit on the wall panels. It...

    $570.00 - $1,165.00
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  • whelping box kit whelping box kit 1

    MagnaBox Whelping Kits

    Each Magnabox Whelping Kit includes: 1 - MagnaBox Whelping Box (size of your choice) 2 - Vet Fleece Whelping Pads (color of your choice) 6 - Lennypads Washable Whelping Pads (color of your choice) 1 - Vinyl Mat 1 - MagnaBox Whelping Box...

    MSRP: $720.00 - $1,452.00
    $566.00 - $1,234.20
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  • Kane Heating pad Kane Heating pad remote

    Whelping Box Heater

    The temperature-controlled Kane Heat Mat provides a safe and consistent heat surface. Internal temperaturesensor cycles the heat mat on and off to maintain temperature at a user-selected setpoint between 40–150 degrees Fahrenheit. Constructed of...

    $245.00 - $275.00
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  • Jonart Weaning Pen - Rail Sides

    Weaning Pen - Rail Sides

    Weaning Pen with Rail sides to add additional space for play, training and growth.Weaning Pens are 3 additional panels, (2) side panels and (1) front panel.Weaning Pens have NO floor panels

    $405.00 - $700.00
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