About Us


High-quality pet products made right here in the U.S.A.

Lakeside Products is a growing company of American-made pet products geared towards pet owners, breeders, vet clinics, groomers, retailers, wholesalers and more! We support pets at all stages of their lives, including innovative whelping boxes to bring litters safely into this world, and washable potty pads to support incontinence during their golden years.

Iowa-based, family-owned. 

With our original acquisition of the Magnador™ Two-Way Pet Doors, we continue to grow with new products to meet the needs of our four-legged friends. From our innovative MagnaBox™ Whelping Box to our high-quality Vet Bedding (Fleece) and our MagnaFlap kennel door, we listen to what our customers want and deliver superior products that can’t be matched by big-box stores or cheaply made overseas manufacturers. Lakeside Products is now the home of Lennypads reusable potty pads and NorthStar Plastics dog boxes, cage banks, and grooming tubs. 

Our products are proudly carried in locally-owned pet stores, regional agricultural stores, dedicated Internet retailers and can be purchased directly from our website. Thank you for your business!