Whelping Products

Nothing says, “welcome to the world!” quite like Lakeside Products whelping products. The MagnaBox gives your dog a safe, clean environment to give birth in while protecting the puppies during their early stages of life. Customize your MagnaBox with accessories and your choice of Vet Fleece or Washable Lennypad.

  • MagnaBowl Multi Bowl - chow time MagnaBowl Multi Bowl - with food

    MagnaFeeder Multi-Bowl

    The MagnaFeeder Mulit-Bowl is a durable, pet-safe, multi-bowl feeder that simplifies feeding multiple puppies! Ensures each puppy gets a fair share of food for even growth during early development. Easy to carry multiple bowls. Stainless-steel bowls and...

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  • MagnaBox Light Stand

    MagnaBox Light Stand

    Quick and simple light stand accessory attaches with the same hook and slot technique as the MagnaBox connections.  Use for clamp on heat lamps or permanently attached the heat lamp of your choice.  CAUTION:  always make sure heat lamp is...

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