• MagnaBox Light Stand

    MagnaBox Light Stand

    Quick and simple light stand accessory attaches with the same hook and slot technique as the MagnaBox connections.  Use for clamp on heat lamps or permanently attached the heat lamp of your...

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  • MagnaBox on Blue Fleece MagnaBox Detail on Green Lennypad

    MagnaBox Whelping Box

    *Some pictures show custom optional accessories or configurations that may not be included on a standard whelping box.  This Whelping Box is simple to clean and keep clean. FDA approved, HDPE...

    $300.00 - $890.00
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  • whelping box kit whelping box kit 1

    MagnaBox Whelping Kits

    Each Magnabox Whelping Kit includes: 1 - MagnaBox Whelping Box (size of your choice) 2 - Vet Fleece Whelping Pads (color of your choice) 6 - Lennypads Washable Whelping Pads (color of your choice) 1...

    MSRP: $720.00 - $1,452.00
    $566.00 - $1,234.20
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