Whelping Box Kits

Our whelping box kits are a one-stop shop for essential whelping supplies. These kits are perfect for first-time breeders. Our kits include the Lakeside Products MagnaBox whelping box, 2 washable vet fleece pads, 6 washable Lennypads, a vinyl mat and a whelping box seat.

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    MagnaBox Whelping Box Kits

    MagnaBox Whelping Box Kits The MagnaBox Whelpnig Box Kits are a perfect bundle to get you started on all of your whelping needs. Each Magnabox Whelping Box Kit includes: 1 - MagnaBox Whelping Box (size of your choice) 2 - Vet Fleece Whelping Pads (color...

    MSRP: $720.00 - $1,452.00
    $566.00 - $1,234.20
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