Lennypads Mission







Lets keep our furry friends happy, comfortable, and dry. If you have a new puppy, an aging dog, or a pooch who is just challenged to go out and potty, then you are familiar with disposable potty pads. Lennypads keep pets drier and more comfortable with quick-wicking and drying surfaces. Our pets no longer have to lay around in dampness or shred the soppy, soaked disposable pads. Lennypads keep pets comfortable and surfaces clean.


Tired of shredded, dirty, and messy potty pad products in your home? Lennypads are durable, leak-proof, absorbent and make clean up simple. Protect wood, carpet, and linoleum floors. Also, protect chairs, couches, and all furniture from our pets. Lennypads are the approved product used by pet professionals including professional AKC dog breeders and veterinary clinics.


Lennypads encourage pet owners to not only save green but GO GREEN! One washable Lennypad replaces a minimum of 300 of disposable pads. That means we are working together to keeps tons and tons of wasteful paper potty pads out of landfills each year. On average, a dog uses approximately 15,000 disposable pads within its life time. Together we can reduce our waste and be proud to use a Lennypads, a quality, green pet product.


We are proud to the primary source for American-made washable, pet potty pads. Lennypads worked for many years to move manufacturing from overseas to the USA. We now support manufacturing and jobs that provide a quality, pet product that we pridefully place our name on. Not only are the pads produced in the USA, but the materials that compose the pad are all from America as well! Together we are on a mission to lift up production capabilities in the USA and offer premium pet products to you the pet owner.