Dog Boxes

Our dog boxes are customizable to your needs. Whether you have one dog or three, a hatchback sedan or a pickup truck, NorthStar Plastic’s made-to-order dog boxes fit snug in your vehicle to keep your pet safe in transport. They are easy to clean and will keep the dirt, mud and dog hair out of your vehicle.

  • Double L Kennel Flooring -  6-Pack Double L Kennel Flooring -  6-Pack

    Double L Kennel Flooring - 6-Pack

    Non-Overlapping - Interlocks on the 4' side.Flush ends on the 2' side. Each floor pieces measures 4' x 2'Pre-Packaged in bundles of 6Total coverage for one bundle is 48 sq ft.   Double L Kennel Flooring is manufactured in the United States but...

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  • Lennyshield - Multiple sizes

    Lennyshield Odor Eliminator

    Slay the odor. Protect the pad. Lennypads specially formulated Lennyshield is the best odor eliminator spray on the market! The spray is enzyme and fragrance free. The formula is developed with Noble Ion Technology that neutralizes the negative ions...

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