The Unsanitary Truth About Wooden Whelping Boxes

The Unsanitary Truth About Wooden Whelping Boxes

Posted by Lakeside on 18th Oct 2021

A clean, comfortable, and healthy environment is crucial for new litters. Plastic whelping boxes provide just that – a safe space for a mama and her pups to get acquainted, rest, and recoup. If you’re getting ready to welcome a new litter of puppies, we’re here to tell you why you should consider a plastic whelping box.

Hygiene is the most important factor when shopping for the perfect whelping box, especially since the health and safety of the dogs is your number one priority. Unfortunately, wooden whelping boxes aren’t the answer. Here’s why:

Bacteria Growth

Because wood is porous and absorbent, it is almost impossible to keep clean. Viruses and bacteria often take residence in the cracks, crevices, and porous material of a wooden dog box. This means, no matter how much you think you’ve scrubbed the surface of a wooden dog box, it’s never truly clean, which can lead to illness among your litter.

Difficult to Keep Clean

New puppies will have potty accidents, it’s inevitable. However, what you can control is the surface on which these accidents occur. With a wooden whelping box, liquid is absorbed and bateria will fester; but with a plastic whelping box, cleaning up an accident is easy, allowing you to sanitize the surface much more effectively. Consider additionally pairing your whelping box with Lennypads reusable potty pads to prevent such messes.

Doesn’t Last Long

In retrospect, a wooden whelping box doesn’t offer you quality longevity as it cracks, strips, breaks, and warps over time. This is why you should look into purchasing a more durable plastic whelping box, such as the ones offered by Lakeside Products (the MagnaBox Whelping Box).

Unlike other whelping boxes which rust, stain, or discolor, MagnaBox Whelping boxes are made with FDA-approved HDPE plastic, a common material used to manufacture non-porous, uncrackable kitchen cutting boards – the perfect material to keep your new litter of puppies healthy, comfortable, and happy.

The bottom line? Stay away from wooden whelping boxes! These boxes can create a hazardous environment for a mama and her pups. Instead, create a healthy, comfortable space with a plastic dog box, one that can be cleaned effectively and won’t crack overtime. To go over custom whelping box options and accessories with our team, contact us today!