Tips for Traveling with your Dog

Tips for Traveling with your Dog

Posted by NorthStar Plastics on 13th Jul 2021

We love traveling with our dogs because they add special value to the memories we make and the stops we take along the way. While traveling with your dog, be prepared to make stops in unique and fun places you may not have considered before. This may include walking around the small town you’re passing through, picnicking and playing fetch at a national park, shopping at a family owned pet shop, or trying out a dog friendly restaurant. There’s so much to do and explore when you’ve got man’s best friend by your side.

Traveling with your pup is really more about the journey than the destination, which is why we’ve put together these tips to keep in mind the next time you travel with your best friend:

  1. Designate a space to call their own. Designate a safe space within your vehicle for your dog to make their own. Many pet owners find having a dog box manufactured by NorthStar Plastics, which can be customized to suit your needs, is very helpful in ensuring your dog is comfortable and calm throughout the trip.
  2. Plan stops along the way. As you map out your route before heading out on the road, be sure to locate and plan for stops at nearby parks, rest stops, or dog parks. Ensuring your dog is able to do their business and stretch their legs along the way will add to their comfort while on the road. Additionally, place comfortable fleece bedding and/or pet potty pads, such as Lennypads, in your dog’s crate.
  3. Bring plenty of food and water. Humans like to stock up on their favorite road trip snacks and comfort food. The same goes for your dog! Be sure to bring a portable food bowl, as well as your dog’s regular food and plenty of water for them to drink. Along with what they consume, don’t forget to bring along the medication your dog needs.
  4. Don’t forget tags and identification. As much as we don’t like to think about our dogs running away or getting lost, we have to consider it a possibility and plan accordingly. This means being sure your dog is microchipped, they have the most up to date tags, and you can be reached easily when they’re found.
  5. Bring toys. If you’ve ever travelled with children, you know how quickly they can get bored. This may also be the case with your dog. Plan on bringing a toy they can play with or chew on in their crate, and another toy they can play with when you stop, such as a tennis ball or frisbee they can chase. Keeping them active at each stop will keep them calm and relaxed while on the road.

We hope this list finds you planning your next traveling adventure with your dog. Don’t forget to take in every moment and embrace every stop along the way. For more ideas on how we can customize the perfect dog box for you, contact us at