Road Trip Tips for You and Your Dog

Road Trip Tips for You and Your Dog

Posted by Lakeside Products on 7th Sep 2022

This is a popular time of the year for road trips. Having your dog accompany you on your trip is a great idea. Although exciting, it can also be stressful to determine how best to prepare – this is why we’ve put together a list for you!

Take Your Dog on Mini Road Trips

Before going on your road trip make sure to take your pup on some practice trips such as mini road trips to their favorite places such as the dog park or their favorite pet store. As a result, your dog will associate the car with positive experiences they look forward to. Be sure to reward them with dog treats for good behavior while on the road as a way condition them into acceptable behavior.

Microchip Your Dog Prior to Your Trip

It is also important to microchip your dog and to place an identification tag on their collar. Providing your dog with proper identification decreases the chances they will get lost and increases the chances of you finding them if they do.

Create a Safe Space

Like humans, dogs can experience car anxiety and/or sickness. Your dog may show signs of this through shaking, restlessness or panting before or during car rides. If your dog does so, contact your veterinarian about medication to treat it.

Create a safe space in your car for your pet. Since your dog doesn’t wear a seatbelt like humans, it is especially important that they are safe during the road trip. Drive carefully and distraction free at all times but especially when your dog is with you. To further ensure your dog’s safety, you’ll want to consider purchasing a dog box from NorthStar Plastics. These dog boxes are durable, sturdy and safe since they are made out of high-density polyethylene. They are extremely resistant to deforming, breaking and dents if mishandled or dropped – further protecting your pup.

Protect Your Car from Potty Accidents

Making frequent pit stops is important to do while going on a road trip with your dog so they can relieve themselves and stretch their legs. And while the last thing you want is a stinky car, there are ways to prevent your car from being damaged or soiled if your dog does have a potty accident – lay down a couple Lennypads in your NorthStar Dog Box and on the seats of your car! Many Lennypads’ and NorthStar customers find that by doing this, you can protect the interior of both your car and the dog box, especially since both products are easy and simple to clean.

The better prepared you are for a road trip with your dog the more you can focus on having the best time with your best friend! For questions on Lennypads, NorthStar Plastics, and Lakeside Products please visit the contact form on our website. Also be sure to share your road-trip photos with us on social media by tagging us!