Benefits of Training Your Puppy on Potty Pads

Benefits of Training Your Puppy on Potty Pads

Posted by Lennypads on 16th May 2021

If you were one of the 150 million Americans who were impacted by the winter weather advisory last week, you deeply understand some of the core benefits of not needing to take your pup outside to do their business! Depending on where you live, this time of year can cause dangerous outdoor conditions for humans and canines alike. Housetraining can be a huge undertaking depending on the dog or the trainer. Potty pads are a great steppingstone in the training process, as well as a clean alternative to going outside when duty calls.


For some, letting your dog outside is as simple as opening a door. For others, it could include climbing up and down a six-story walk-up apartment or running a block or two to an accessible greenspace. With a general rule of thumb being that puppies can control their bladder one hour for every month of age, that’s a lot of in and out! Potty pads create convenience during this time in your dog’s life.

But potty pads aren’t just for puppies! They are also a great option for senior, sick or disabled dogs that may need an easier option to relieve themselves than going outside.


There are many safety reasons for why you may choose to housetrain your dog on potty pads instead of outdoors. If your dog’s toilet area is a public place with many other dogs, you may opt to train your dog to use potty pads until they are fully vaccinated. If you live in an area with extreme heat or cold, teaching your dog to use potty pads can allow them to relieve themselves without leaving them vulnerable to hyperthermia or hypothermia (as well as providing safety for the humans that are outside with them). You may live in an area that isn’t the safest to be out and about after dark. If this is the case, potty pads can also be the spot for your dog’s nighttime call of nature.

Forms Cleaner Habits & Better Routines:

What if every single accident that your dog has in your home is on a washable, reusable potty pad? Even the best trained dogs are creatures of habit. With the pandemic leading us to spend more time at home, it often throws off your dog’s normal morning, afternoon, and evening routines. Save your rugs and carpets by training them to use a potty pad.

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