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Pets are our passion! Browse our American-made products designed to support your pets through all stages of life. The Lakeside Product brand includes Magnador Two-Way Pet Doors, MagnaFlap Kennel Doors, MagnaBox Whelping Boxes, and Vet Bedding. Our pet products are built to last.

  • whelping box kit whelping box kit 1

    MagnaBox Whelping Kits

    Each Magnabox Whelping Kit includes: 1 - MagnaBox Whelping Box (size of your choice) 2 - Vet Fleece Whelping Pads (color of your choice) 6 - Lennypads Washable Whelping Pads (color of your choice) 1 - Vinyl Mat 1 - MagnaBox Whelping Box...

    MSRP: $720.00 - $1,452.00
    $566.00 - $1,234.20
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  • white replacement frame sizes bronze replacement frame sizes

    Replacement Frames

    Replacement frames for Magnador™ Two-Way Pet Doors. Comes complete with magnets. Frames available in Bronze (dark brown) in addition to the original white color. Bronze shows less dirt and wear in heavy use environments like kennels and...

    $14.00 - $47.50
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  • magnaflap1 magnaflap2

    MagnaFlap Kennel Door

    The MagnaFlap Kennel Door is a simple to install product at a value price (view installation instructions).  Precision machined from 3/16” thick polycarbonate (Brand name Lexan™), the same material used to make bullet proof glass. ...

    $53.00 - $85.00
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  • MagnaBox Light Stand

    MagnaBox Light Stand

    Quick and simple light stand accessory attaches with the same hook and slot technique as the MagnaBox connections.  Use for clamp on heat lamps or permanently attached the heat lamp of your choice.  CAUTION:  always make sure heat lamp is...

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  • MagnaBowl Multi Bowl - chow time MagnaBowl Multi Bowl - with food

    MagnaBowl Multi-Bowl

    The MagnaBowl is a durable, pet-safe, multi-bowl feeder that simplifies feeding multiple puppies! Ensures each puppy gets a fair share of food for even growth during early development. Easy to carry multiple bowls. Stainless-steel bowls and HDPE rack...

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